Establishing Monitoring and Sustainable Development of the Lebanese Sea
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Thursday, 29 May 2014
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CANA 5th Aniversary: the Event Reported by The Daily Star
Tuesday, 27 May 2014
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Built in 1996, the Research Vessel CANA-CNRS is 27 meters length by 123 of gross tonnage. The boat features a tapered steel hull that provides stability and a safe cruising speed of 8-10.

Following the operational agreement among CIHEAM-MAI Bari, Lebanese Ministry of Agriculture and the CNRS (November 17, 2007), TerCom project, on behalf of the Italian Government, organized the purchase and the delivery of the Italian trawler named Rosa Marina. The vessel, previously equipped as a fishing boat, was renovated and reconverted into a scientific vessel particularly specialized in marine and environmental research in light of the high priority of the project for the study and the safeguard of the Lebanese marine ecosystem presented by CNRS. Technical institutions and technicians participated to training activities in Italy and in Lebanon and also to institutional support actions.

The vessel Rosa Marina, built in 1996 at the shipyard of Ortona Navi S.p.A. (Ortona, Abruzzo, Italy), was registered at the port Bari in the Apulia region. It was dedicated to trawling activities on the bottoms of the area located between Adriatic and Ionian Sea, being able to land both benthic and demersal species.

Upon the signature of the property transfer to the Lebanese party, CNRS has renamed the scientific vessel as “CANA-CNRS”. Following the refurbishment for scientific research purposes (according the Reg UE 2792/99), the vessel sailed towards Lebanon. In the international waters, the Italian crew left the place to the Lebanese one and the boat officially started flying Lebanese flag. The Lebanese captain and his crew drove the vessel to Beirut where, at the present time, is moored at the military harbour.

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The CANA project is constantly undertaking the renovation and the maintenance work on the vessel as well as routine repairs and cleaning on board. The vessel underwent a major renovation on its structure, on the axle of the propeller, and on its engine in summer 2011.

Thanks to the generous effort of the Italian Cooperation in Lebanon, solar panels will be lined up on the vessel CANA-CNRS within autumn 2011. This initiative reflects CNRS’ strong commitment in leading a new season of environmental awareness and reduction of carbon emission in Lebanon. The vessel’s architecture and the strong tractions that may be produced during the navigation had been carefully taken into consideration when designing the plans. Therefore, the roof of the cockpit will host 10 sqm of high-efficiency solar panels constantly producing 1,5kW.

Solar panels on CANA-CNRS vessel will not save the Hearth from global warming but they will be the clear symbol that reducing the use of polluting and non-renewable sources of energy is possible. The system will be able to run appliances, lights, computer and other electronic devices only through the power of the sun.

Being the prima donna of the CNRS' marine research activities, CANA-CNRS vessel has been photographed during the different phases of its life. You can find all the pictures in the Photogallery of this website or you can any of the following specific folder: